Dassem Ultor

The Avenging Paladin


Magic items carried:
Bladed Belt


Vengeance & Grief
Born in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings to Ulfen parents, Dassem Ultor was bullied as a child due to his different appearance, and quiet nature. Silver hair and the presence of silver sword-shaped birthmark that covers his right eye marked him as different. Dassem was the target of persecution and brutal beatings, and he soon developed quick reflexes, and pushed his body to excel in strength – one of the only attributes the Ulfen value. While less aggressive than other children his age, he soon developed a reputation as a strong defender of himself, and those weaker than him.
After his wife & parents were killed by agents of the white witches, Dassem dedicated himself to defending the weak from evil actions and evildoers. His christened his sword “Vengeance & Grief” and set on a pursuit of justice throughout the north. He harbors a personal and cultural grudge against the white witches of Irrisen, due to the countries shared history, the winter witches evil bent, and their role in his family’s death.
Dassem’s unusual birthmark marks his devotion to Ragathiel, an Empyreal Lord born from a tryst between Feronia (a demi-goddess from the Elemental Plane of Fire) and Dispater, (an Archdevil Ruler in Hell) which is strange for an Ulfen child, even one as different as Dassem.
He mentored Karsa Lawhammer, a traveling cleric of Torag, extolled the virtues of healing and combat magic, and even convinced him to join the Pathfinder Society as an adventurer.
Now, alerted by an urgent message from Karsa, Dassem Ultor travels to Irrisen to lend his friend aid…

Dassem Ultor

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