Vladimir Ironclaw

Cleric of the Everbloom


Magic items carried:
Everbloom’s Rose


I stared into the eyes of the four trolls that blocked my path. Things were not looking good. I was supposed to meet those adventurers here… Why do trolls have to be everywhere they aren’t supposed to? When I was a captain in the Winter Guard they were never at their posts; always getting into fights with one another or off gorging themselves when they were supposed to be on patrol. And now they were in my way. I don’t know if you have ever seen a troll up close but it isn’t pretty and it sure doesn’t smell good and when there are four of them? Well I have to say that it isn’t a good experience.
The first troll had a look of surprise on his face. “You Captain Ironclaw.” Good they remember me maybe I can get them to… “YOU TRAITOR!” or not. Well this should be fun. I readied my morning star and my shield and got into a fighting stance. The first troll charged at me and I had to leap out of the way. One thing about trolls is that they charge fast but once they get going, they really can’t turn. There were three other trolls so I didn’t get a chance to strike at the first one before the second and third were on top of me. All I could do to say alive was to keep moving. I am not particularly fast especially with chain mail on but Milani smiled on me, I didn’t die. Despite not dying things weren’t going well. Getting attacked by four large trolls means that there isn’t a lot of room to do much attacking. To be honest with four trolls there isn’t a lot of room to do anything. So I kept moving, dodging and weaving, again trying not to die. I wanted to find a moment to get to a place to take on the trolls one at a time but things didn’t seem to be going my way.
After dodging the last attack I sprinted away to give me some space to breathe (trust me that’s hard to do when your around trolls). Despite being in way over my head I was glad that I was facing trolls. I was a human captain in the winter guard that meant most of my command was human. I didn’t really like the idea of having to battle one of my men. They had been my friends for years and some as close as family. I don’t know if I would be able to fight them let alone kill them. Trolls had never been in my command so I didn’t really know many and the one’s I did know I never liked. When I had gotten my orders from Solveig I was grateful. Though I had never made any mention of not wanting to meet old friends in battle she understood my position after many a late conversation. She is a good leader.
Back to the trolls. When the first troll charged I decided to do something desperate and incredibly stupid. I didn’t dodge, instead when the troll came at me I readied my shield. The troll swung down with such an incredible force that my shield shattered. Crap, I didn’t really have time to think about it. I tried to hit the troll with my morning star. Much to my surprise and dismay the troll caught the weapon. That must have been painful but the troll smiled and I could see the muscles in his forearm flex. Next thing I knew there were little bits of my weapon everywhere. Double crap, again no time to think, I drew my dagger quick as I could and jumped. Again, I am not the most agile person around but again Milani smiled on me and I landed my blow. He was about as surprised as I was as I drove my dagger up to the hilt into his eye. I withdrew it quickly and cast the spell spark and lit his clothes on fire finishing the job.
The other trolls must have been as surprised by my success because they just stood there dumbfounded but it didn’t take them long to recover and get really angry. “You killed Skuttlebutt!” Skuttlebutt really? But I didn’t really have time to think about troll naming patterns. I had three angry trolls on my hand and the only weapons I had left were a dagger and a crossbow. It looks like I was not going to be leaving this battlefield. Just as I was thinking that, I heard heavy footsteps behind me looks like Milani smiled on me one more time.

Vladimir Ironclaw

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