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Welcome to the wiki!

Here, you’ll find a compilation of lore and information pertinent to your adventure. My hope is that it enriches your experience and acts as a useful reference during your travels!

I. Setting

The adventure so far has taken the party from the village of Heldren in the kingdom of Taldor to Irrisen, the land of eternal winter. Now that the party has taken control of the Dancing Hut, their next destination is Iobaria.

II. Cast of Characters

Our heroes! The party currently consists of:
Brax Darkblood
Dassem Ultor
Vladimir Ironclaw
Jaina Proudmoore
Lykta Brakake and Skugga
Vall Mongkut

Former members:
Karsa Lawhammer
Drylan and Flamend
Dalgrodan and his Dalgerdog (Deceased)
Vincent Shattermast, the Magnificent
Idril (Deceased)

Friendly NPCs:
Nadya Petska
Ringeirr Malenkov
Solveig Ayrdahl

Jadwiga and Their Servants:
Nazhena Vasilliovna
Radosek Pavril
Granny Nan

Unknown Motivations:
Baba Yaga
Black Rider

III. Items

A list of the magical and wondrous Items you’ve collected so far.

Main Page

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